Emergency Information Wrap (Set of 3)

Emergency Information Wrap (Set of 3)
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Emergency Information Wrap Set of 3

Discount price for Set of 3 Wraps - Each wrap comes with 1 x Emergency Information Card


The card has space to write critical information that will be helpful in the event of an emergency. It will allow first responders to immediately be able to check for any medical information or identify you and contact your loved ones, in a timely manner, in the event of an emergency.

Even if you don't have any specific medical issues, it is still handy to use this card as it can hold contact information for next of kin.

Use it in the car

On a Bag or Backpack

On a pram or wheelchair

In your childs pocket

The Emergency Information Wrap can also be removed and taken to Hospital with you so that Doctors and Nurses can have your information at hand in the event of an accident.

What is the Wrap made from?

The Emergency Information wrap is made from  2mm thick Neoprene, which is soft and flexible.  It fastens with Linkfast touch tape, that can be readjusted and refastened depending on your need, and if you need to move your wrap to attach to another item.  The information card is held in a clear plastic pocket, so it can be easily seen by first responders. The Emergency Information Wrap is designed and made in Australia.


Where can I attach my Emergency Information Wrap?

The wrap is ideal to use on a car seat belt, or childrens seat. It can also be attached to bag straps, prams, wheelchairs, in your pocket or anywhere else you need to have your Emergency Information at the ready.

Who should use the Emergency Information Wrap?

The Emergency Information Wrap can be used by anyone. Even if you dont have any specific medical issues, it can hold your Emergency contact information, so loved ones can be contatcted in the event of an accident or emergency.

Medical Conditions - Allergies, heart conditions, alzheimers, dementia, blood disorders - helps make Paramedics aware of any medications or disorders, to help them treat your condition more efficiently.

Car drivers - if you are involved in an accident and unconscious, first responders on the scene can immediately see information that may help save your life, or be able to let family know you have been in an accident so they can be by your side. The Emergency Information Wrap can be removed and taken  to the emergency room with you so that Drs and Nurses have your critical information at hand.

Children as passengers - if you are involved in an accident and unable to communicate, this allows first responders critical medical and contact information to help your children, who may be too distraught, or too young to communicate effectively with first responders, even if uninjured.

People with a disiabilty - if your passenger or person you care for has a disability, or acute medical issues, this wrap can communicate for them if they/or their carer is unable to

Out for the day with a carer unfamiliar with your up to date medical information - your child could be out for the day with Grandma and have an accident, she may not be up to date with all the childs current medical needs, this card has all that information.

Ideal for children - most children don't carry identification with them, even if they don't have any medical conditions, it will have important information on who should be called in the event of an emergency


I have emergency contacts in my mobile phone and wallet, why do I need this card?

By using the Emergency Information Wrap as well as your other forms of identification, you have all bases covered. In a vehicle accident your phone and wallet could be thrown from the vehicle, the first responder will be treating you and have the Emergency Information Wrap right there, if they dont  have time to look for your phone or purse. Most people lock their mobile phones so they cannot be accessed by others, this is not useful in an emergency situation, or it may be smashed on the roadside.


** As the Emergency Information cards are made from un-coated card, so they can be written on easily, they may deteriorate over time. It is a good idea to update your information on the card every 12-24 months, or as information changes.

** Please check your Car Owners Manual to check if this product is suitable to use in your vehicle.

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