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Jodie – Director

Jodie is not only the Director of Cheeky Echidna, she is also a special needs parent herself.  Her son has a rare syndrome and autism.
As a parent she often worried about what would happen to her son, who is non-verbal, if they were separated or in an accident. So she made a card for her car, with all of her son’s vital information. She thought other people in the community would benefit from a product like this and set about designing and getting prototypes of the product made.  Her first design and our first product is the Emergency Information Wrap. Inspired by the success of the wrap, she started thinking of other innovative designs that would help others with unique identification concerns and so the Cheeky Echidna business was born!
We also source products that we think may help people with similar needs to her son but the more we think about it the more we see the need for everyone to have and use emergency identification in all types of situations.

Jodie has served as a board member and fundraising co-ordinator at various sporting and charitable organisations.  In doing this she got to see first-hand how many of these organisations struggle to run without important funding and help from the community.  For this reason, Cheeky Echidna will also give back to special needs or educational organisations at times throughout the year to help their cause and the wider community.  

We believe in our products, and hope they can bring some peace of mind, in case the worst happens.

“Our products are designed for special needs, but used for all needs”



Cheeky Junior - Chief Product Tester

“Cheeky Junior” is our chief product tester. He puts all of our products through rigorous testing.  Jodie also hopes that “Cheeky Junior” will be able to help with other aspects of the business when he is a little older.


Corporate Vision

We see Cheeky Echidna as a part of the community and as such we will be contributing to special needs, education and related causes as part of our business plan.


You can follow us on Facebook to see current information for causes we are supporting www.facebook.com/cheekyechidna or see our Community Support and Awareness page for information on the types of organisation we assist.


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